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Worthy causes

I support organizations and individuals that focus on equal access to education, tolerance, or community development. Sometimes I donate money or time to these organizations.

Google #

I work at Google, specifically on Google Play where I run Growth engineering. I started this org, hired the team, and set the strategy. It includes lots of stuff I can't talk about (yet!), but the Play website (play.google.com) and Play Loyalty Program are two of the most visible aspects. This isn't "growth hacking." Real growth is sustainable. And in commerce businesses, you grow by increasing user trust.

Before starting the Growth org, I ran Commerce for Google Play, and built the Google Store, where Google sells next-gen toys like ChromeCasts, Pixel phones and tablets, Nest Learning thermostats, Android Wear watches, Chromebooks, and where we launched old school products like Nexus devices, and Google Glass. We also ran the digital store for Play, where you could buy Books, Movies, Apps and Games, Magazines, and Music.

We're a customer focused store, so we like to make our content available to our customers on whatever platform they choose. While we think Android works best, we provide great experiences for customers on other platforms like iOS as well.

Google is a great place to work! You should work here too. LinkedIn

Amazon #

I used to work at Amazon, where I helped launch the Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire. That was a lot of fun.

I owned a few start-ups back in the day. Sold. Small exits.

The one consistent factor in all the stuff I've worked on is it's all cutting edge. I never get to tell people what I'm working on until after it's launched. First world problems.